5 Reasons to Invest in a Mobile App

5 reasons your business should invest in a Mobile App

For mobile-savvy businesses and organisations, it’s the great conundrum of the digital age: To mobile app, or not to mobile app, that is the question …

Is it worth the investment when there’s responsive web design, adaptive web design, and mobile-optimised websites offering alternative roads into the smartphone and tablet market?

Here’s 5 reasons you might want to invest in a mobile app:

1. Offline data

The beauty of a mobile app is it’s stored locally on the device, so your customers can use it offline. That’s right! Once downloaded, an app runs smoothly, regardless of whether there’s an available internet connection or not. Therefore they can use it anywhere, getting the full benefit of your front of mind brand awareness, whatever the Wi-Fi situation. In fact, many mobile apps only require a connection for updates, or, in the cases of eCommerce apps, processing purchase information.

2. Personalisation

Mobile apps allow you to target segments of your customer base with tailored content that not only improves the mobile user experience of individual users, but can also encourage them to buy more. Customised ads, bespoke discounts, personalised special offers, and more, can all be delivered directly to the user’s handset, based on demographics, purchase history, and other assorted criteria.

3. Functionality

A mobile app, native to the user’s device, can harness the functionality of that hardware, offering a much richer level of engagement. The integration of a phone/tablet’s functionality gives your business the opportunity to build something that maybe utilises the device’s camera, GPS, email, calendar, or some other feature inaccessible to a browser, creating a more compelling, and practical mobile user experience.

4. Better presentation

As with functionality, a mobile app can also access a device’s processing power, which enables you to provide a better look, better interactivity, better options, and all round better presentation. This also makes it fast, a factor that browser-based alternatives, with server access, page load, images etc, often lack.

5. Games

Finally, whether your business is making games, or you’re a business who sees the potential for increasing brand awareness via that medium, the mobile app is a perfect choice. It’s suitability is highlighted by all of the above – offline capability, personalisation, integrating device functionality, and the speed and power available through the processor – the combination of which can make for a truly enjoyable, and far more memorable experience.

Whether choosing the Mobile App route or not, we can ensure you give your customers the best mobile user experience. To find out more, give us a call free on 08000 246 247 or drop us an email at hello@ux247.com.

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