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Headshot Paul Blunden
Paul Blunden
Founder & CEO

“The team at UX24 executed a complex user research and design project to help us better understand the attitudes, behaviors and experience of customers of Moonpig in the UK and of Greetz in the Netherlands. I’m very pleased with the outputs of the project as it has helped us immensely to define a clear strategy which we can implement over the coming year.”

Ronan Tighe

Chief Product Officer, Moonpig

Stepstone logo

“UX24/7 provided one of their senior UX researchers to work on an embedded basis within the StepStone research team. We were really impressed with the seniority of the researcher and quality of her work. Not only did she pick up the work we needed to be done but she added real value to the team.”

Nikolai Evans

Group Head of UX, Stepstone