User Research in South Korea

User Research in South Korea

Remote or lab-based user research in South Korea, with real customers and local, Senior UX Researchers

South Korea is located in East Asia and occupies the southern part of the Korean peninsula. Since the 1960’s urbanization has caused considerable depopulation of rural areas and cities such as the capital Seoul have grown enormously. Seoul has grown so big it has absorbed satellite cities around it to create a region known as “Greater Seoul”. User research in South Korea is therefore very Seoul centred and there are good research facilities and very fast internet speeds.

All South Koreans speak Korean, which has affinity with Japanese and Chinese, although Chinese influence is reducing. With an American presence in the country since the 1950’s a large number of English phrases have entered the language. Nevertheless, it is vital to have a local researcher that speaks Korean in order to properly understand participant feedback.

UX24/7 is a global design research agency that operates with our own team of Senior UX Researchers. All our Senior UX Researchers have been evaluated as part of their joining process to ensure they have the skills, capabilities and experience to deliver user research and UX research to the high standards we expect. Our small team in South Korea is perfectly equipped to deliver research in market whether in person or remote.

Quick facts about South Korea:

  • Main language/s spoken: Korean
  • Population: 51,268,000
  • Capital City: Seoul
  • Currency / monetary units used: South Korean won
  • Literacy: 97.97%

Where in the world is: South Korea

Section of map showing location of South Korea

National holidays

1st January New Year’s Day
23rd & 24th January Korean New Year Holiday
1st March March 1st Movement
5th May Children’s Day
8th Day of 4th Lunar Month Buddha’s birthday
6th June Memorial Day
15th August Liberation Day
28th & 29th September Harvest Festival
3rd October National Foundation Day
29th October Hangeul Day
25 December Christmas Day

Case study: User Research in Asia

South Korea is just one of the markets where we organize and deliver international user experience research and user research. If you have a requirement in South Korea or any other market please get in touch using the form below and we will be happy to provide a no obligation quotation.