The Rise and Rise of Mobile

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Can mobile continue to grow?

All growth must peter out eventually, right?

Well, yes. But the growth curve associated with mobile internet usage appears to be doing it’s very best to prove this simple fact wrong.

Last year, 2014, was the year in which the majority of digital media consumption took place in mobile apps. This was a huge tipping point, and proof of the fact that catering for mobile audiences is incredibly important.

But the rise of mobile isn’t doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. There are now around three billion internet users worldwide, and 33 percent of all web pages are now served to a mobile device.

And the increasing popularity of tablets and the increased availability of smartphones will only further support the growth of mobile internet use.

In fact, according to Wired, one billion people across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia will get their first smartphones in the next few years.

And, with so many people going mobile worldwide, and because the rise of mobile devices is inextricably tied to the rise of internet usage generally, this means we can expect to see huge numbers begin surfing the web via mobile devices year after year.

Indeed, many people living in developing countries are likely to bypass traditional desktop surfing all together, opting instead for cheaper (and increasingly powerful) mobile devices.

Though this growth is contingent on the growth of mobile broadband, the fact that big companies and organisations – such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and the UN – are doing their part to further that cause, there’s no reason to believe that mobile internet will commonplace all over the world in the near future.

What this means for businesses is that, in order to capitalise on so many people going mobile, they need to have mobile optimised websites.

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