User Research in Serbia

User Research in Serbia

Remote or lab-based user research in Serbia, with real customers and local, Senior UX Researchers

Serbia, which was formerly part of Yugoslavia, is a landlocked country in the Balkans. The capital is Belgrade which is at the confluence of two rivers, the Danube and Sava, and has a huge ancient fortress called Kalemegdan. It is impossible to separate Serbia from the conflict that ravaged the former Yugoslavia region in the 1990’s, which culminated in the war crimes trial of Slobodan Milosevic. Indeed, as recently as 2008 Kosovo weas seceded from Serbia, against the will of the Serbs.

Due in no small way to its history, Serbian is the dominant language, which is essentially the same language as spoken by Croats, Bosniaks and Montenegrins. And from a settlement perspective, Belgrade is the place to do research as it holds the single biggest sample of the population. If you wish to do face-to-face research there are labs available but they are very hard to find.

UX24/7 is a global design research agency that operates with our own team of Senior UX Researchers. All our Senior UX Researchers have been evaluated as part of their joining process to ensure they have the skills, capabilities and experience to deliver user research and UX research to the high standards we expect. Our team in Serbia is perfectly equipped to deliver research in Serbia (and the surrounding countries that speak the same language) as we did for Samsung as part of a multi-market research engagement – see case study below.

I worked with UX24/7 across a multitude of markets around Europe for UX projects while working at Samsung. UX24/7 provided deep and meaningful insights which we could work with at a European, HQ & market level work to improve the customer experience online and more importantly improve sales – Amy Vetter, Head of Consumer Experience, Samsung

Quick facts about Serbia:

  • Main language/s spoken: Serbian
  • Population: 6, 707,000
  • Capital City: Belgrade
  • Currency / monetary units used: Serbian Dinar
  • Literacy: 99.48% (2019 est.)

Where in the world is: Serbia

National holidays

1st January New Year’s Day
2nd January New Year’s Day
15th February Sovereignty Day
Friday before Easter Good Friday
Monday after Easter Sunday Easter Monday
1st May Labour Day
2nd May Labour Day Holiday
11th November Armistice Day

Case study: User Research in Serbia

Serbia is just one of the markets where we organize and deliver international user experience research and user research. If you have a requirement in Serbia or any other market please get in touch using the form below and we will be happy to provide a no obligation quotation.