What You Learn Using True Intent Online Studies

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True intent studies – entry / exit online studies

True intent online studies provide you with two crucial pieces of information about those who visit your website: what they want and whether they were successful in getting it.

Since users generally have in their mind a definite objective when visiting a website, a true intent online study will capture that information and measure their success in achieving it.

This is done by asking users a few questions when they land on your site, and a few more when they leave again.

Examples of those asked to users upon entering your site could be:

  • Who are you?
  • Where did you come from?
  • Why did you come to the website today?
  • How do you value the brand in question?

Questions asked to users upon leaving may include:

  • Was your visit successful?
  • If not, why?
  • How satisfied were you with your experience?
  • How do you value the brand now?

Asking these sorts of questions is not – so long as you keep the number to a handful – often considered too intrusive, and may give you access to features of your site (positive and negative) that till now you’d overlooked.

There are various ways that you can implement a true intent online study. You may either add a pop-up or embed JavaScript into each page of your site. The former is particularly useful if you want to launch your survey quickly and easily, and may be the only way if your CMS does not enable you to insert JavaScript on the website you are testing. The latter, however, enables the survey to perform faster, display the survey better, and can be used on secure pages.

A true intent online survey can remain active for as long as you desire, and can be customised to ask every user or only a certain percentage of them to take part (say, every second or tenth visitor) depending on your desires. They can also customised to appear only on certain days and certain times when traffic peaks.

If you choose to launch a true intent online survey, you will be able to see what impacts your users most – usability issues, price, and proposition – and pinpoint the effect these have on your brand.

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