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Embedded researcher capability

When you need to grow your team quickly or bring in new skills and capabilities, embedded researchers, supported by international research operations and principal consultant oversite is the solution.

There are many aspects of an operation that can lead to an organisation looking for an embedded researcher to slot into their existing, internal team. This can come down to recruitment challenges, such as their recruitment team not being able to find the right person to join the team quickly enough. Local market knowledge can also be a factor. If the organisation as a whole is unfamiliar with a target market it can pay dividends to embed a new senior researcher into the team from a partner that they can rely on to deliver top quality personnel.

In some cases, if an organisation is fairly immature or if the existing team is inexperienced, they can encounter skills gaps that need filling. They may even need help establishing their research function initially. An embedded senior researcher can be a great asset in these instances.

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Finding an embedded researcher

When organisations need to grow a team quickly or bring in new skills and capabilities, introducing embedded researchers, supported by international research operations and principal consultant oversight is the solution.

An embedded senior researcher brings in additional skills, they can upskill your existing team members, set up processes, implement new research functions, and hire new team members. Even if you only need them for a short period of time, the residual, ongoing benefits they will leave you with will be significant. Embedded researchers advance your team’s capabilities across the board to benefit current and future projects.

Whatever situation your organisation is in, at UX24/7 we can help by providing senior design researchers across more than 25 markets. Our team has helped global brands deliver research, build research and operations capabilities, and allow our customers to focus their efforts on product development whilst we take the burden of recruitment away.

These are just some of the ways UX24/7 can assist you. We work with Product Owners and Research Managers to help them reduce product development costs, deliver product-led growth and benefit from global best-practice User Experience.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say!

UX24/7 provided one of their senior UX researchers to work on an embedded basis within the StepStone research team. We were really impressed with the seniority of the researcher and quality of her work. Not only did she pick up the work we needed to be done but she added real value to the team.


Nikolai Evans, Group Head of UX, Stepstone

Case studies

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