Indeed multi market UX Research study

Daan Schuit, International Operations Analyst at Indeed, talks to Paul Blunden about a recent project. In the interview Daan describes how the research insight will help his product managers prioritize their work.

Paul Blunden: Hi, I’m Paul Blunden, founder of UX247 and today I’m going to be speaking to one of our customers in another case study interview. So let’s get straight on with it. And let me introduce you to Daan Schuit from, Indeed.

Daan, thanks for joining me. Perhaps you could tell me a bit about your role. And what Indeed is and does for those who don’t know?

Daan Schuit: Yeah. So thanks so much, Paul. So yes, I am a international product analyst officially, for the Dutch speaking markets. And Indeed is the largest job search website in the world.

And my role is basically 2 parts. So one, I am mostly a let’s call it a data analyst the market researcher for the Dutch speaking market. So Belgium and the Netherlands and on the other side.

So with the other 60% of my role, I’m also the international researcher coordinator. So whenever we have a project that we want to do research on. I will be the Coordinator for every market outside of the United States.

Paul Blunden: Okay. Fantastic. Sounds like, you’ve got a lot on your plate!

Daan Schuit: some days. Yes.

Paul Blunden: good stuff. Well, we’ve just completed a project with you, and perhaps you could tell me a bit about the project background. What was the problem you were trying to overcome?

Daan Schuit: Yes. So as I mentioned, we’re the largest job search side in the world. And one of our products. And one of the ways we communicate with jobseekers and employers is that we try to match a job. An employer post with job seekers that we think have the right qualifications and experience to do that job. So that can be either through email on the website itself, or through Whatsapp or Facebook messaging like any type of messaging product.

However. We never really conducted research on how our customers. So people who search for a job. Perceive these messages and this communication, and also what how they perceive the quality and whether they actually like the jobs that, indeed, sends them or communicate with them.

And so that was the main research question, or the main problem that we wanted to get answers to is, how do job seekers like these? Communications with, indeed? And what can we do to improve them? Basically.

Paul Blunden: gotcha how did you select the markets because this was a multi market project?

Daan Schuit: So yeah, so yeah, just for everyone. We did this in France, Italy, Australia, Canada and the UK itself. And the reason why we selected those markets is because in some of these markets these products are working really well and some of them they are under the performing, so to say.

And so we wanted a mix of those 2, just to see if there is a difference between those markets, how people perceive them and how people interact with them.

Paul Blunden: Gotcha, okay? And then, obviously, we were delighted to work with you. But we haven’t. We’ve worked with, indeed, of quite a few times. But we this is the first time we were with you. Can you tell me a bit about why you selected us for this engagement?

Daan Schuit: Yes. So the main reason was that we got great feedback about the from a different department. So that was the main reason why we first reached out to you. And also the way they or where, how like, was willing to tackle the problem. And like with the good communication. Those are the main reasons why? And yeah, we should. We basically, yeah, select the to do this project. So yeah, we basically based on the good reviews within the from different projects.

Paul Blunden: Okay, well, the 64-million-dollar question for this project. How did you feel it ran from your perspective, did it meet your expectations?

Daan Schuit: It was amazing. Yeah, definitely exceeded expectations. The follow up the communications and also like the way the sessions. When this got set up, like the smoothness and also the quickness. And also finally the especially the final summaries, was great, that they were all in a very similar way, or similar set of which make the final analysis from my side extremely easy.

So thank you very much for them. So overall. Now, I was, yeah, definitely exceeded, and probably over exceeded the expectations.

Paul Blunden: Oh, that’s wonderful to hear. And what about the results? How’s the insight helping you? I know it’s quite recent.

Daan Schuit: So yeah, like, the actual like action plan still need to follow. But what it definitely will help us with. And I’m always doing with the final analysis is the prioritization. So we’re always trying to improve our products, or at least we hope to improve our products. And this will definitely help prioritize what we should focus on first and like a quick like insight into the findings that we have.

All of them all of the markets were unanimously agreed upon that that emails look to sterile. That was the word that most respondent used. So now, I’m going to propose to the actual software engineers and like product managers to hopefully do some work on the email. So that is a bit more inviting for people to click on it and interact with it. For instance, that’s one of the findings that we have right sounds. They have very actionable findings, which is very helpful. Exactly.

Paul Blunden: And is there anything else you you’d like to share about the project or any other information that you think would help people are thinking about doing research?

Daan Schuit: Yeah, like again, II really like the clear communication, and also the like, the follow up speed. So everything like also the whole plan went extremely smoothly. and also from like start to finish with setting up the participants. And was always a good 2 way communication. What? What is needed, what is needed from, indeed, and what is possible through So that all in all was is great. Yeah, it was great, great project. Great working with you all

Paul Blunden: good stuff. Well, thank you. It’s great to hear that and our project team loved working with you so I hope we have the opportunity to do so again.

Thank you so much for speaking with me and sharing that feedback. I’m sure people who are thinking about doing research, will find out really helpful. And, as I say, really great to hear.

Daan Schuit: Yeah. And again, like, yeah, the results were great, like, especially actionable items from all markets as it was a multi market study, and all of the reporting was greatly done and very useful for us, as indeed

Paul Blunden: brilliant. Okay, Dan, thank you very much for your time.

I hope you enjoyed that interview with Daan from, Indeed.

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