Online Usability Testing

This type of research involve prototypes being evaluated using online task based software such as UserZoom and Loop11. These act a little like a survey but present the respondent with a task and a website or app to complete it on.

We provide both single and multi-country studies to an audience on desktop/laptop and mobile devices.

The Benefits & Drawbacks

The main benefits of this approach are:

  • Large sample size – we can run the research with 100’s of respondents which gives a great deal of confidence about the design direction and performance of the prototypes
  • We can reach people in a wide geographic area, including countries and languages. For some prototypes this is very important as they are being developed for more than one market.
  • We can ask questions around the tasks and due to the large sample size we can rely on the insight because it [may be] statistically relevant.

There are draw-backs as once the study is set up and running, it can’t be changed as there is no moderator. For this reason we often use a qualitative usability evaluation method first, to test the prototype in one region or with a few people, and then use this as the basis to build the online study.

Carrying out the Research

Our methodology sets out the overall structure of the study, the key tasks, plus a set of questions that you can add to elicit responses from a representative sample of users/customers.

The research is carried out with a large sample of respondents, typically between 200 and 1,000 and we can use a third party panel or your own customer panel if you have one. Participants are recruited to match your chosen audience demographic if we recruit them from a panel.

Each respondent is invited to the study and asked a series of questions and then attempts tasks delivered to them via an online interface and responding to questions about their experience. Our methodology ensures a consistent and highly repeatable approach to the study and provides real benchmark data if that is required.

We also ensure that the reporting format clearly identifies the key issues you need to address and provides the analysis and recommendations that deliver the most value.

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