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Innovation and User Experience go hand in hand

Innovation is the lifeblood of the internet and, therefore, it is critical that your site keeps up with the latest developments and techniques – and even comes up with some of its own from time to time. It has been repeatedly shown that websites that innovate steal a commercial march on competitors and are more popular- and therefore successful – among users. Obviously you shouldn’t innovate just for the sake of innovation and all innovation isn’t necessarily useful or productive.

On the other hand you shouldn’t allow failures or departures that are poorly received stop you from continuing to try. Not even the giants of the internet and technology always get it right. Apple, Google, Microsoft have all made monumental mistakes in their time – but they kept on pushing, innovating and diversifying. Always looking to improve user experience – and look where it got them.

Today users are constantly looking for new ways to engage and interact with businesses, expecting their views and wants to be acknowledged and accommodated by companies and punishing those who fail on the important facets of customer relations and management. It is no longer good enough to do things ‘the way you used to’ or within the boundaries of what is easy and suits your organisation. More than ever now good user experience is vital – the customer is king and you have to make pretty sure you don’t upset, frustrate or inconvenience them.

Users are very quick to point out the deficiencies and drawbacks of websites (on places like Facebook, youtube and Linkedin if you’re unlucky or upset them sufficiently). But this doesn’t always have to be a negative; it can be used and turned to your advantage if you take a progressive and enlightened approach. Make sure you scan the social media for potential timebombs and defuse them by responding with apologies and explanations of how you are going to address their issues. This will make you appear responsive, sensitive and proactive – all good qualities in the current marketplace (or any other come to think of it!).

Regard complaints and queries more as customer research rather than tiresome chores and you might find that customer gripes actually become a source of competitive advantage for you as you understand the problem, devise a solution and seize the initiative in the marketplace.

Of course it won’t be quite as easy and straightforward as this. You will release new websites, apps and other offers to the market and possibly deluged with complaints or questions. This is all part of the process of understanding what the customer wants and where the market is going. It is almost worth releasing adaptations on a regular basis just to gauge the mood and direction of swing. Watch what others are doing then produce your own, improved, versions if possible.

There is no doubt, in the present climate, that standing still is actually moving backwards at a fairly rapid rate. Keeping abreast of market and technical advances and updates can help you maintain a competitive stance with your customer base.

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