Interview Series: UX Industry Insights with Ian Pardoe

At UX24/7 we are fortunate to work with our network of international UX researchers within our Accredited Practitioner Programme.

We decided it would be great to talk to our researchers and get an insight into their industry experiences as well as find out what is unique about UX in their home countries.

In this blog series, we have shared our conversations with each of our researchers from here in the UK, to Brazil, China and many more countries worldwide.

An Interview with UX Researcher, Ian Pardoe (UK)

The most common usability issue I encounter is complexity, when all people want is simplicity

How did you get into the [UX] field?

Well we are talking a long time ago now!  But I started off practising ergonomics (focusing on product design) straight from university, at a company called The Institute for Consumer Ergonomics (now no more).  While I was there I was asked to contract at the Human Factors department at IBM and it was here that I really got my grounding in software design and usability.

Any advice for people wanting to get into the [UX] field?

Get qualified. I’d say you need to demonstrate this level of achievement first, then it’s all about experience. Pretty much the same story for anything you want to do. 

What do you enjoy about working in the UX industry?

UX can be applied to everything, so there’s endless variety out there. a discipline it covers a range of skills, so you can chose to focus or be more broad.

What is the most common usability issue you encounter during your testing?

Complexity, when all people want is simplicity.

What is the one piece of advice you would offer brands to improve their UX?

Keep it simple.

What future UX trends do you envision?

Voice control is going to become more and more significant across everything we do.

What is unique about the UX in your country?

It’s been around a long time now and its definitely an established discipline. UX always seems to be in demand !

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