Why Usability Experts Need Diversity

usability experts diversity

Why you and your usability expert should embrace diversity

It is easier, more often than not, just to make do. To carry on regardless without challenging either yourself or your way of thinking. This is often the problem with usability – or lack of it – when a website or an app is happy to just plod along, barely breaking a sweat and offering nothing that makes the user appreciate the experience they’ve had, let alone wish to repeat it.

The same can be said for usability experts. Although this obviously doesn’t apply to every agency out there, you will, if you are dipping your toes into the crystalline waters of usability testing and its related satellites, come across those who offer little in the way of ‘out of the box’ thinking.

Yes men are ten-a-penny. When choosing a usability expert – someone who will be charged with ensuring your customers can use your website in the most efficient manner and achieve all their goals without frustration – you need somebody who is prepared to go toe to toe with you, when necessary, to ensure that it offers the best user experience (UX) possible.

An agency that challenges your perception of a website or app is key, otherwise there is little point in looking into its usability. If you only want somebody to agree with and empower all your design decisions then you might as well save your money, send it live and see how it performs off its own bat. If, however, you want your users to be engaged enough to think of your site as the first port of call whenever they are in need of your offering, you need an agency that’s willing to hold you to account.

One of the prime enablers of a successful UX project is an agency that offers a diverse UX team. Five or so usability experts all cut from the same cloth are going to offer a limited perspective on your product’s performance. However, a team sourced from a demographically diverse group can offer a varying degree of insights thanks to the combination of backgrounds and independent knowhow.

A cultural mix, united in a common goal but forged in different fires, will allow your UX agency to ensure the website or app you release is one that’s usable for all your customers.

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