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Stakeholder interviews are used to gather information about a concept or proposition from within your organisation or immediate interest group – ( e.g. non-Executive Directors or Trustees). They tend to be utilised for significant projects such as the proposed introduction of a new product or service or high value or high-risk concept

Running the Interviews

Interviews can be held one-to-one or in small groups dependent on the availability of people, their personal needs (perhaps they feel more comfortable speaking on their own) or the requirements of the project. They are best carried out face-to-face but can be carried out remotely. Agreeing the approach is a collaborative process between the client project team and our team so that we can reflect all the sensitivities and logistical considerations that exist.


Small groups of stakeholders can also work as Co-Creation Workshops which is more about developing the proposition or concept rather than gathering information.

These can be useful when stakeholder interviews follow user research and there is data to share and it ensures that the insight generated from the research becomes owned by the client teams.

Typically, we run a half day co-creation workshop to share the user research insight and workshop the implications and understanding of what that means for the concept or proposition. This allows plenty of time to become fully immersed without attendees looking at the time too much.

Involvement at this point tends to ensure that each person attending the co-creation workshop has a full understanding of the emerging themes and has formed opinions and ideas. The purpose of the co-creation workshop is to merge these ideas with the insight generated from research and establish tangible and agreed propositions and priorities.

We involve the client team in the preparation for the workshop so that the agenda and objectives is agreed between us and it achieves its goals. The interviews need to be carried out in an environment of trust where specifics are not attributed to an individual in the reporting and where broad themes are captured, representative of overall sentiment and feedback.

In organisations large and small, there are considerable benefits to utilising an independent consultant like us to carry out stakeholder interviews. As we have run them plenty of times, with very senior people we are not phased by the prospect of running stakeholder interviews and workshops. We know how to structure them to achieve the pre-agreed goals, how to facilitate the session and we don’t have any “baggage” so people are more likely to open up and share.

Delivering the Findings

The output from stakeholder interviews can be delivered in various ways from a written report, to a set of illustrations or even a workshop.

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