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Customer Centric DNA

We help organizations build their capability and understanding of how to involve customers throughout their product development process.

Brands that are customer centric deliver high performance products and services and more often than not, better shareholder returns. They build this customer focus over many years and embed it in their DNA. Not only are their processes and practices aligned, but also their organisational culture.

For those organisations or individuals that aspire to be more customer centric, it can be hard to know where to start. Changing the culture, gaining leadership buy-in, even establishing new capabilities can be daunting prospects. Whether a top-down organisational change or a guerrilla-led team initiative, the roadmap may be unclear, and the end can seem a long way off.

Even when organisations have a solid approach to customer centricity built around their home market, they often struggle to take that internationally. The capabilities required are different, language and culture are at play, and that is before we even consider the time zone differences. As organisations expand to support international customers the transition can be extremely challenging.

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Building your capability

At UX24/7 we help organisations establish international customer centric capability. This solves the big problems such as allowing you to establish a customer centric vision, and the small problems like understanding when and if to conduct research. We even help you establish new resourcing approaches like building a research operations capability.

Our team of senior UX consultants will provide advice and guidance as they support you in developing a customer centric product vision and strategy; best-in-class user-centred design systems and processes; and a customer centric culture. We can support you externally, or embed our consultants into your team, evangelising with you and demonstrating “what good looks like”.

Whether you need help in your home markets or in support of your international product strategy, at UX24/7 we’re here to help. We will support you every step of your journey as you build the capabilities you need to realise the benefits of becoming a customer centric organisation.

These are just some of the ways UX24/7 can assist you. We work with Product Owners and Research Managers to help them reduce product development costs, deliver product-led growth and benefit from global best-practice User Experience.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say!

The final report provided by UX24/7 is still referred to in almost every SMT meeting. The execution and engagement were first rate and the ROI of both the foundational insight and quick wins has surpassed out expectations.

Neal Preece, Chief Digital Officer

Case studies

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