5 Mobile A/B Testing Tools for eCommerce CRO

Mobile conversion rate optimisation – 5 great mobile A/B testing tools

In the latest instalment of UX247’s series on mobile eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), we take a look at some of the available tools designed to take the sting out of mobile A/B testing.


Apptimize features a robust A/B testing function, allowing you to make tweaks to your mobile app in real time. This means you can roll out design changes to certain groups of users (and hide them from others), without having to resubmit your app for approval, giving you the opportunity to live test modifications and new features against the existing version. Available for iOS and Android.

Arise (28/01/2022 – appears to be no longer available)

Arise is a mobile A/B testing tool that allows you to deliver different versions of your app to different groups of users, and measure the results so you can decide which performs best. A more developer-centric tool, Arise requires coding knowledge to get the full benefit of what’s on offer. Compatible with iOS, Android and Phonegap.


Leanplum offers a ‘Complete Solution for Mobile Marketing Automation’, and it doesn’t fail to deliver on that promise. Boasting filters, segmentation and in-depth analysis for mobile A/B testing, the product also gives you the option to automate marketing and manage content, all wrapped up in a comprehensive, user-friendly dashboard. Leanplum’s holistic approach also stretches to its availability, with compatibility for iOS, Android, HTML5, Unity and REST API.


Splitforce is a great choice for those with no coding knowledge to A/B test practically anything and improve conversion rates. What gives it some added oomph is the localisation capability, which is a bonus for localised apps. Instant rollout, analytics and detailed reporting are all standard, and the tool is available for iOS, Android and Unity.


Available for iOS and Android, Taplytics is another product that takes the hard work out of A/B testing for your mobile apps. Once again, you can make changes to your design, add features etc, and roll them out to your users for live testing. Complete with detailed, intuitive reports and segmentation options so you can target specific user types or device/platforms, Taplytics gives you a solid, all round performer for thorough, results-driven mobile A/B testing.

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