User Research in France

User Research in France

Remote or lab-based user research in France, with real customers and local, Senior UX Researchers

France is a challenging market when thinking about organizing and delivering UX research or user research with their customers. It is relatively immature from a UX research perspective and as a result there are not many agencies with good, senior UX researchers. That is where UX24/7 comes in. We are a global design research agency that operates with our own team of Senior UX Researchers. All our Senior UX Researchers have been evaluated as part of their joining process to ensure they have the skills, capabilities and experience to deliver user research and UX Research to the high standards we expect. France is no exception and within our team we have two very senior and experienced consultants who are dedicated UX researchers – not designers trying their hand!

Remote and lab-based user research in France

We run user research and UX Research in France using remote and lab-based facilities. Remote methodologies use online screen sharing technologies and Zoom is our tool of choice when running user research in France. We have translated documentation for participants to ensure they can join the session because we can find bringing French participants into a session challenging sometimes.

For lab based testing most research is conducted in Paris. There are a number of good research facilities in Paris and due to the size of the city getting around is easy. France is a big country and Parisians are not a reliable reflection of user behavior across the rest of France. We are therefore happy to run research in other major cities or remotely, countrywide.

In all case we provide a viewing experience that includes picture-in-picture video and where required, simultaneous translation into whatever your native language is. Recordings of the sessions are also provided with your local language as well as with the French original.

Finally, our Senior UX Researchers provide a detailed analysis from the session. Our deliverables include observations and issues together with analysis and actionable recommendations. Our team also speak English so we are able to deliver a playback session with you either in French or English.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to conduct user research in France, we can help.

Pictures from the lab when user research in France

View from the lab in France
View into the research room in France

Quick facts about France:

  • Main language/s spoken: French
  • Population: 65,397,478 (2021 est.)
  • Capital City: Paris
  • Secondary Cities: Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes
  • Currency / monetary units used: Euro
  • Literacy: 99% (2015 est.)

Where in the world is: France

Map showing the location of France
Flag of France

UX Research and User Research in France

French society recognizes the importance of the weekend and so research sessions on a Saturday or Sunday should be avoided.

We recommend building in larger gaps between French participants as they are not always punctual. They often arrive late and so at least 30 minutes between sessions is recommended.

Participants for user research in France tend not to read instructions and definitely won’t read instructions unless they are in French. The only exception to this is B2B research with business professionals who are used to working with English language.

A full transcript of a session in a foreign language can be very expensive (often as much as 400 Euros per hour), so the tendency is for translated highlights only. We get round this by using Zoom to record the sessions and then integrate this with a session transcription tool.

Avoid scheduling research sessions for the first half of May, Bastille Day, (July 14th) and between the end of July and August 20th, as these fall around or clash with public holidays when a lot of people take time off..

National holidays

1st January New Year’s Day
Friday before Easter Sunday Good Friday
Monday after Easter Sunday Easter Monday
1st May Labour day
8th May Victory Day
39 days after Easter Sunday Ascension day
50 days after Easter Whit Monday
14th July Bastille Day
15th August Assumption of Mary
1st November All Saints Day
11th November Armistice Day
25th December Christmas Day
26th December Saint Stephen’s Day

International case study: Remote User Research in France & Germany

France is just one of the markets where we organise and deliver international ux research and user research. If you have a requirement in France or any other market please get in touch using the form below and we will be happy to provide a no obligation quotation.