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Prioritized Product Roadmap

A key driver of product development cost savings is having a prioritized product roadmap so that you invest in the right areas.

Product managers report that it can be a big challenge to prioritise their product development roadmap around customer needs.

Internal pressures and guesswork due to a lack of customer insight hamper their progress and the success of the final product or service. A low return on investment from the development budget and the creation of features and functions that don’t have a material impact on adoption and usage all have a damaging impact.

Product managers regularly look for a solution to this. They want to create a long product development roadmap but often only have the required insight to direct their priorities effectively over the next two to three months.

The challenge comes with understanding customers’ unmet needs and then prioritising development activities appropriately. Product managers need to find a way to gather this insight if they’re going to create a successful product or service.

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Preparing precise priorities

The question therefore is, how do product managers identify which features or functions to develop as a priority?

Effective prioritisation that’s driven by real customer insight will help you save time and money. You will be able to get the right features and functions created first and start to attract and retain customers quicker. It will help your budget go further and should minimise the need for too many revisions of the product.

Going through this process can be even more pivotal when you’re entering a new market. Which features do you need to change, create or remove as priorities? Customer insight can reveal the all-important answers.

At UX24/7 we can help you bring your customers into the process. Understand what your customers value and desire so that you can prioritise what matters to them and create customer-centric products and services. We can help you access the knowledge that you need, in your core markets and globally. Recognise which development activities will deliver the highest returns in terms of conversion, adoption, engagement or whatever key metrics you use to measure the success of your product or service.

These are just some of the ways UX24/7 can assist you. We work with Product Owners and Research Managers to help them reduce product development costs, deliver product-led growth and benefit from global best-practice User Experience.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say!

The team at UX24 executed a complex user research and design project to help us better understand the attitudes, behaviors and experience of customers of Moonpig in the UK and of Greetz in the Netherlands. I’m very pleased with the outputs of the project as it has helped us immensely to define a clear strategy which we can implement over the coming year.


Ronan Tighe, Chief Product Officer, Moonpig

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