When visually treated designs are available, as part of an ongoing build/development, we carry out a more complete evaluation. Whether that is evaluating the design treatment, the impact of the design on user experience, or looking at the taxonomy for the first time, we have services to support you.

Design Validation 

Research provides invaluable insight into user context, motivation and information requirements when engaging with a digital proposition.

Design research using either qualitative or quantitative methods helps uncover issues that users face when interacting with the visual elements of a proposition.

Task-Based Evaluation

In most digital interactions, users perform simple and complex tasks to accomplish their goal. This can involve tasks such as browsing to relevant content, or following a sequence of steps requiring input and UI interactions.

We measure the intuitiveness, clarity of instructions, and overall success rate when end-users carry out these tasks.

IA & Taxonomy Review

Taxonomy is a scheme of classification used to create hierarchical relationships within an information system, Information architecture is organisation of such taxonomies and corresponding content.

We use a combination of desk-based review of the product/information hierarchy, and verification of end-user vocabulary through sorting and grouping exercises with representative samples of the target audiences to evaluate classification schemes.

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