RBS Selects UX24/7 for Usability Testing


Why RBS selected us for usability testing

We are delighted to be able to share that we have been selected by RBS to provide usability testing services across the group. As a result we have very proudly added them to our client roster (they said we could, not everyone does sadly) and can talk a little about why they selected us.

The selection process

RBS is exactly the type of organisation we were hoping to work with when the agency was founded. That is to say it is a large company, with considerable in-house capability and also a clear understanding of the value of usability testing and user experience research in general. That is good because it means we are not spending most of our time convincing them of the need to do usability testing, they already get it.

It is a massive thing for an organisation of our size to be appointed to the preferred supplier list of RBS and we are particularly happy because of the feedback we received. RBS was looking for an agency to provide usability testing and related UX services and that is focused in the area of usability testing. They also wanted an agency that could respond quickly to short notice requirements from across the RBS Group.These are exactly the type of requirements we are designed to fit so we had high hopes we might be a good fit.

After we received the good news about our appointment we received feedback that in addition to meeting the main selection criteria the other attributes that convinced them of our suitability were:

  • our unique operating model
  • the knowledge and experience of our team
  • that we had full UK coverage and weren’t just London centric

Interested in a different operating model?

If you are looking for an agency with an operating model designed to fit the way you work please contact us today on +44(0)800 0246 247, or email hello@ux247.com. We have a wealth of experience in running all sorts of usability testing research for organisations large and small.

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