Customer Reviews and Conversion Optimisation

customer reviews conversion optimisation

We run a lot of usability testing sessions and although we work with customers in the travel, financial services, B2B and agency sectors, a great number of our clients are in retail. With competition for sales online as competitive as it has ever been many look to us to help them increase conversion optimisation.

The nature of the research we do means we look at the entire customer purchase journey when reviewing an eCommerce website and all the tributaries that run off of it. Our goal is to mitigate any aspect of the journey that causes friction and encourages the customer to slow down and lose momentum. Losing momentum in the sales journey leads to abandonment as it is the accumulation of small barriers and hurdles that frustrates customers when they are trying to complete a purchase.

Ideally we want the customer to be carried along on the purchase journey with it seemingly getting quicker and easier as they reach the end. Using this model we can think about what is needed at each point in the journey and whether we engage, sign post or ask for action.

Customer reviews are presented at the product selection stage. At this point the customer is prepared to invest time to make a decision but even so that reviews should be visible, accessible and helpful. When the customer has made their selection the journey speeds up so before that happens here are some things to consider with customer reviews.

Four things to consider about how customer reviews drive conversion optimisation

  1. Locate product reviews near the actual product – this sounds obvious but some get it wrong. If the customer can read snippets of reviews on the page where the product they considering is it will help them reach a purchase decision
  2. Don’t be concerned whether reviews are good or bad, they still drive conversion optimisation – you should monitor for abusive or obscene content but negative reviews are not a problem if they are in reasonable proportion to good
  3. Keep it simple – a score and a short written review is all that is required. Allow customers to write more if they wish but don’t force them too and don’t show the entire review, just a snippet will do
  4. Allow customers to easily leave reviews – we see too often customers saying they value reviews but don’t leave them because it is too hard.

If you would like assistance in conversion optimisation on your website please get in contact with us and we would be delighted to help. You can call free on 0800 0246 247

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