How To Use Bots More Effectively


Improving User Experience using Chatbots

Chatbots are already being used for a variety of purposes, some of which won’t have been envisaged when the concept was first piloted. Imaginative and creative use of the facility can bring great benefits to your online business and give you an appreciable edge over competitors in many areas of commercial development by enhancing user experience .

Here are some ways that you might not have thought of in which bots can be used to enhance your online presence  and optimise the user experience:

  1. Collecting Customer Information: You can use your bot to gather information about your customers as they interact and use the bot for other purposes e.g. you can ask personal questions in an engaging and conversational way.
  2. Navigation Enhancement: Users still find navigating sites to be a challenge and anything that helps them, especially in a friendly and straightforward way could be advantageous to your site’s rating and usability perceptions. A bot that guides people, explains options and verifies that they are heading in the right way can go a long way to providing an improved and positive user experience.
  3. Product Information Enhancement: One of the biggest drawbacks users face with online purchase is the lack of detailed, accurate information about the products they are looking at and comparing. It can often be difficult to fully understand the features of a product you are considering so the ability to interrogate a bot and identify particular traits or benefits would be extremely useful and reassuring to users.
  4. Upselling: One of the biggest advantages of using bots is, that if you can make them personable and engaging you are more likely to be able to get away with tactics such as subtle upselling. If it comes over as friendly advice or an attempt to be helpful the user is much more likely to respond in a positive way to the suggestion.
  5. Customer Recommendations:  Similarly for customer recommendation, if they appear to be genuine attempts at helpfulness, directing the user to something else they didn’t know or think about, there is much more likelihood of the customer regarding this as useful rather than intrusive or aggressive selling.
  6. Personalising Your Service: One of the best ways of engaging and retaining customer interest is by projecting a personality on your site. This is one of the most difficult feats to achieve on a flat site but the addition of a chatbot can provide you with the platform to impress your users in an entertaining and useful manner.
  7. Reassurance and Feedback to Users: A bot can provide reassurance to users that they are on the right track and feedback about where their choices are taking them so they can confirm or re-orient as necessary.
  8. Customer Service: When a user reaches a point in a conversation or process where direction to a person or part of your organisation is appropriate, the bot can direct the customer to the relevant place and let them know what is happening and why.

These are a few of the potential uses of bots but more (and more sophisticated) uses are bound to emerge. If you are interested in developing this sort of facility for your site, why not ring us on +44(0)800 0246247 or email us at for an initial discussion about the potential for your business.

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