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Good news! More organisations than ever are doing UX Research. For those going it alone, either all or some of the time, storing and managing participant data is a growing challenge.

As organisations recruit their customers to participate in research they need somewhere to store the data. Many are running lengthy Mailchimp lists having carried out recruitment activities via website links or mail outs. But a huge and growing list of customer details is difficult to manage and raises numerous GDPR risks. What can they do about it?

A new panel management solution

One solution is PanelFox. I have no direct relationship with or interest in PanelFox. But they approach me recently and seem to be a good solution for participant recruitment panels. I shared this with people in the Research Ops community recently and the feedback was very good.

PenelFox is a cloud based panel management solution. The main capabilities are:

  • Data repository for panel members
    • this includes advanced filtering so you can find people that fit the segment.
    • It is also GDPR compliant and provides consent management.
  • Screening
    • ability to build screeners using survey type building blocks
  • Bulk email
    • Email capability that you can personalise for a bulk audience
  • Auto-schedule
    • Built in Calendly like capability but also Calendly integration if you are already using that tool for scheduling
    • Worth also mentioning there is a Zoom integration if like us, you use Zoom for remote research
  • Incentive payment
    • built in incentive notification and payment

Who is it for?

At UX24/7 we tend to use third party recruitment partners because we do a lot of quite complex B2B recruitment. We don’t, therefore, have a need for PanelFox at the moment. The main target for Panelfox must be brands who are building their own customer database for research. Whether that is for doing in house research or using agencies like UX24/7 Panelfox looks like a good solution.

If you have experience working with PanelFox please comment as it would be good to see what you make of it.

If you would like to know more about some of the things we are looking at in Research Ops feel free to get in touch on +44(0)800 0246247 or email us at hello@ux247.com.

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