Global gaming company benchmark case study

Global gaming company benchmarks localisation of platforms across UK, Italy and Spain

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Our client entertains millions of customers worldwide with online real-and play-money poker, gaming and betting product offerings. They are a global leader in the industry, offering these products under owned or licensed gaming and related consumer businesses and brands.


UX24/7 was commissioned to gather expert feedback on five products, for the Italian, UK and Spanish markets, in order to better understand opportunities to improve the customer experience and increase profits. We relished the challenge, leveraging our experience in international user experience and across our existing gaming clients. We were able to offer clear insight to where the main frustrations were in the existing user experience and detailed recommendations on how they could be improved.

Running the Research

Choosing the scope and methodology for this cross-border, multi-lingual and multi-channel project was critical. We proposed our unique expert review methodology, which includes a customer experience score and could be used to compare products in different markets. This would evaluate the key customer journeys across the three core propositions: an online gaming desktop client, a casino and betting website, both with native apps (on iOS).

We enhanced our methodology by including additional attributes from the clients’ internal principles that are used to measure CX quality. The expert review methodology was modified to focus on the granularities within each customer user journey, and their in-house brand principles were mapped to the correlating UX heuristics. The result: A detailed but flexible framework to cover all platforms and markets.   

A team of UX experts were set to work, one in each country, delivering insight across different platforms, regions and local insight as required. Their objective was to measure local experience, the understanding of terminology and its impact on the structure of things.


  • Expert review using bespoke benchmark methodology
  • Multi-Market: UK, Spain & Italy
  • Five different gaming products evaluated
  • Multi-platform: Mobile web, Mobile app and desktop website

Insights & Recommendations

Localisation is not just a matter of translating English to the local language. If the full experience isn’t localised to the expectations of the local consumers, then companies risk creating hesitation in local user’s minds. This easily leads to mistrust when recruiting and on boarding new customers.

Poorly localised payment pages created immediate barriers and would lead to site abandonment. This disjointed experience permeated the proposition on every platform.

Visual design often impeded confidence in the proposition and felt outdated compared to worldwide competitors’ gaming platforms and devices, who’ve escaped the legacy system issues.

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