Why Mobile Websites Fail – Mobile Usability Issues

mobile usability

Mobile usability, or lack of it – The key factor in mobile website failure

Firstly, let’s get one thing straight. If you think the mobile website you set up a few years back is quietly gathering dust in some forgotten corner of the web, think again. Same goes if you thought smartphones had torpedoed the need for mobile usability optimisation.

How to lose customers in TWO easy steps

Statistics show that 51% of UK adults are using a mobile device to access the internet, and this figure is only going to rise.

That’s just over half of your potential audience actively engaging with the mobile web, yet what do they find when, via their device, they arrive at your site?

  • The full desktop experience, painfully squeezed onto a screen it was never intended for

An experience akin to a Pukka Pie without the filling

On average, mobile users have a 9.6% higher bounce rate than their desktop brethren, which shows sites of all shades are failing to engage the consumer when it comes to mobile usability.

From A to B

User experience is key to getting your potential customers from Point A (a Google search, perhaps), to the desired Point B (a sale, directions, subscription, item of content).

For instance, a prospect searching for your product while in transit, is anticipating a different experience to one sat at home in front of the desktop. Does your mobile site maintain a consistency from search term through to checkout, delivering content that matches both their intent, and expectations?

Is it:

  • Tuned to the what people want when on the move – quick and clear access to relevant information
  • Offering the user a simple route to Point B, based on how they search
  • Offering an experience that meets the user’s needs without compromising on engagement value?

If the answer to any of these is no, there’s every chance your mobile site is failing its users.

Mobile user experience and usability testing could mean the difference between gaining a customer or losing one. Discover how UX24/7 can get your mobile campaign back on track, today!

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