Why Isn’t Usability Testing Used More?

usability testing

Usability testing is overlooked even by those who are fans

It could be a result of the company I work in an area of the industry that we occupy, but I rarely if ever get told that usability testing is a waste of time, money or anything else. In contrast, I am generally told they want to do more because it was so valuable, so why isn’t usability testing used more?

We have a client that is an entirely online business but had never carried out any user research or usability testing. Our first project with them was considered to be a proof of concept to show the value of user testing to the board and so received enormous focus. The project went well and delivered real value in terms of increased conversion through the process we were working with.

A second project was commissioned and the results were even better. A more significant purchase process was evaluated and the changes made as a result of the insight delivered double digit conversion improvements. Happy days. Except, that was the last time they used usability testing in any way.  We talk to this client regularly and they remain huge fans of usability testing but appear not to have identified a requirement where they feel it will add value.

The reasons for this can be manifold and we often find they include the following:

  • Too successful– they are so successful that they exceed the market in conversion and other key metrics and so don’t see the need to push harder
  • Don’t have good process– the way they achieve web site usability doesn’t incorporate any user research or usability testing.
  • An individual barrier– someone in a position of authority doesn’t believe in UI testing
  • Too busy– for various reasons (small team, too much work etc.) they are too busy to consider include user testing

There are probably many more situations that stop organisations from investing in usability testing and if you know of any we’d love to hear from you.

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